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Whole Family Healing Group is an outpatient mental health agency that provides evidence-based mental health therapy for individuals, families, couples, children and military veterans, virtually and in-person.  Our mission is to help our clients heal from the inside out by addressing mental health disorders associated with trauma, depression, anxiety, and life’s stressors.  We also provide therapy to address intergenerational patterns of trauma and family conflict.  
We are a practice where whole families can come to heal emotionally, socially, and psychologically together as well as individually.


Whole Family Healing Group provides easily accessible mental health and wellness services that are ethical, culturally competent and non-judgmental to individuals, families and couples around the world.



We believe that when families heal together, they stay together.  There are so many broken relationships within the family system, and these patterns are oftentimes repeated subconsciously and passed down through generations.  We believe that a lot of the miscommunication and dysfunction that is present in many homes today, can be changed for the better.  It is not so much as what you say, but more so how you say it.  We believe that individuals within the family merely need to learn how to be vulnerable and verbalize their innermost feelings and emotions; Learn how to speak from the heart, forgive, and live a life free of unnecessary stress and worry.


Whole Family Healing

I founded Whole Family Healing Group in October of 2018.  I started seeing my very first client on April 20, 2019.  I had a vision of providing services to families, individuals, and children who were dealing with trauma, family, and relational conflict associated with mental health issues.  I recognized that when my mother lost her own mom to Breast Cancer, she was diagnosed shortly thereafter herself with the same Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.  Looking back, I know now that my mom had sunk into a deep depression that remained un-diagnosed by medical professionals, although there were many signs.  My mother grew up in a home with both of her parents.  Her father, my grandfather whom I loved and adored, was not there for her emotionally due to some things that he had been dealing with throughout his life.  My grandmother did the best that she could to keep the household together; and had to do it alone because of her husband’s, my grandfather’s, alcohol addiction.  

My mom was a single mother, and raised me alone, all the while attending undergrad and graduate school, working full time, putting me through grade school and then college out of state in North Carolina.  She also made sure to be present at all of my extra-curricular activities, including all of my singing, acting, and dance recitals.  With all of these things going on throughout my childhood, there was never any mention of mental health, grief, or anything related amongst my family.  There was also no discussion of a safe place for anyone in the family to go together or individually, to talk about and process life issues, feelings, emotions, or the effects single parenting had to have had on their emotional and psychological well-being.  However, as I got older, my mom did send me to a therapist to help me with some changes that she had seen in me as a little girl.  I appreciate my mom to this day for being so forward-thinking and loving me enough to give me something that she may not have fully understood or experienced for herself.

The name, Whole Family Healing Group literally came to me in a dream.  I had been thinking for many weeks about a name that would encompass all that I had dreamed of to provide for people struggling to cope and deal with life’s stressors.  I wanted to build a place that feels like home, where people from all racial, gender, ethnic, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures feel safe, heard, and learn how to create, re-create, and maintain better lives for themselves, their children, their families, and other loved ones.  It was also my thinking to provide that safe space for families, and individuals within the family, to get help in the same ways my family members and I needed back then.  Lastly, I  desired to build a company where clinicians providing the services, would also feel supported, valued, and are in an environment that promotes learning, healing, growth and self-care.  

I am truly blessed to be able to share with you all some skills and techniques that I utilize in my own life to promote healing from within, and I am proud of the fact that we have some of the very best clinicians on the planet who are ready and eager to serve you!  Always remember…”All Things Are Possible”, and that we are all on a journey that takes time, so be patient and gentle with yourself and others.   We look forward to helping you to heal!

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There is a combined total of over 75+ years of experience in human behavior, mental health and wellness 

Hours of trainings

All clinicians have a combined total of over 10,000 hours of direct service and training in the field.  

Therapy Sessions

Each clinician has conducted over 1,000 successful therapy and healing sessions with individuals, couples, families, youth, teens, children, military families and military veterans.