couples THERAPY

Whether you are dating, engaged, married, separating, or divorcing, Whole Family Healing Group will aid in helping you to develop and build communication skills, repair past hurts, address infidelity and trust issues, sex and intimacy, substance use, develop a plan for co-parenting, act as a mediator, improve problem solving skills, and overall resolve conflicts and improve the relationship.  We also provide pre-marital counseling to help couples work through any differences, be prepared to address future conflict in healthy ways, and work to have better understandings of each other before walking down the aisle.  We will work to provide the couple with a solid foundation to keep the marriage and family together.  This type of therapy is solution-focused, and can make a huge impact on each person’s mental health, and strengthen the relationship.  Click on the tab below to make a request for an appointment to begin your healing journey together!