individual THERAPY

Do you ever have questions like “why does this keep happening to me”, and “how do I end up in this place in my life over and over again”, have trouble sleeping or putting your mind at ease?  Are you having racing thoughts, feeling irritable, having trouble concentrating and feel alone?!  Have you had enough!!?, well Whole Family Healing Group can help!  We work with individuals, adults, and youth, to help them identify triggers to maladaptive feelings, emotions, and behaviors that lead to substance use, poor social, personal, professional, school, and family relations.  Not only do we help with coping skills to better regulate and manage physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, poor focus, and other mental health disorders, but we also do psychoeducation to give you a different perspective and understanding of human behaviors, with the goal of being less reactive to otherwise stressful life events and behaviors of others.