Jonatan Devers

Director of Spanish-English Translation Services

About Jonatan Devers

Jonatan Devers was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He speaks fluent Spanish and English, as well as basic level German and French. Jonatan has a bachelor’s degree in Project Management and Media from UFHEC University in Cristo Rey, Dominican Republic. He also has Post Graduate Degrees in Business Management, with concentrations in Hospitality, Tourism, International Business and Human Resources Management.

Jonatan is a business professional with 12 plus years of experience in Sales and Customer Service, along with experiences and international certifications in English-Spanish Interpretation, Account Management and Training/Development. He holds special certifications in Spanish-English translation for HIPAA, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Medical Interpretations. His experience comes with an extremely high level of integrity and self-accountability, all driven by goals, results, and most importantly customer satisfaction. Jonatan says that “I am lead generation savvy, I enjoy recruiting and working with new points of distribution partners who are eager to be successful and open to new revenue opportunities. Business development, key account management, marketing, market research, hospitality training & coaching, international business development and recruitment are all my passions as well”.

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